International Conference on Computer, Control, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering 2019 (ICCCEEE19)
21 ~ 23  Sep 2019 // Mashreq University – North Khartoum- Sudan

Conference Objectives

The primary focus of IEEE Sudan subsection is to create a strong platform that can facilitate and expand the research culture among the Sudanese research and development communities. The International Conference on Computer, Control, Electrical and Electronics Engineering ICCCEEE19 is one of the basic initiatives to build this platform. ICCCEEE19 is technically sponsored by IEEE headquarter, IEEE Sudan subsection and MU, North Khartoum, Sudan.

MU is classified as the top ranking university in Sudan. The University is proud to be the first Higher Education institution to introduce the disciplines of Mechatronics Engineering and Artificial Intelligence as degree programs for the Sudanese youth community. The research activates of MU focuses primarily on integrating basic knowledge and applied sciences for the sustainable development of the environment, the communities and the human quality of life.

The thrust of the conference is to accept papers dealing with, but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining
    • Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems, Grid Computing, Fuzzy Systems, Machine Learning methods, etc
  • Biomedical and Biomechanics Engineering
    • Brain-Computer Interfaces, Bioinformatics, Spectroscopic Applications, Imaging/signal and Visualization Methods, Computer-Aided Detection And Diagnosis, Biomedical Instrumentation, Rehabilitation, Modeling of Biological Systems, etc,
  • Computer Network and Information System
    • High speed networks, Network management & operation, Big data in computer networks, Cloud computing, IPV6 performance improvement, Next generation internet, Wireless sensor networks, Security and privacy in sensor networks, Datacenter networking, Information security and privacy, Network virtualization, Network measurement and analysis, Network management,  etc
  • Computational and Applied Mathematics
    • Applications of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Computational Techniques and Applications, High Performance Computational Science, Mathematical Programming, Operational Research and Optimization, etc
  • Control Systems
    • Linear and Nonlinear Control Systems, System Identification and Process Modeling, Robust and Adaptive Control, Robotics and Intelligent Control, Embedded Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks, Industrial Process Control and Automation, Stochastic control, etc
  • Computing and Software Engineering
    • Mathematical Methodologies, Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, Applications, etc
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Power Systems, Energy, Environment and Sustainability & Electric Machine Control, Instrumentation, Renewable Energy, etc
  • Electronics Engineering
    • Applied electronics, microprocessor, Microcontrollers, Embedded Signal Processing, communications, networking, MEMS, Nanotechnologies, VLSI Design, Semiconductor Devices, etc
  • Mechatronics Engineering
    • Robotics, M2M Communication, Engineering Design Methodology, CAD, CAM and CAE, Precision Mechanics, Bio-inspired robots, etc
  • Tele-Communication Engineering
    • Cellular networks, 4G/5G and beyond, LTE, and Wireless Networks, Signal Processing for Communications, Big Data for Communications, Satellite Communications, RF and Microwave Theory, MIMO and OFDM, Ultra Wide Band, Software-Defined Wireless Networks, Antennas and Optical Networks and Systems, mmWave, VLC, full duplex communication networks, Mobile sensing and applications, Vehicular networks, Wireless sensor networks,   etc
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